As many of you know, we have set ourselves a few targets over the past fifteen years, and thanks entirely to your generosity have managed to raise lots of money.... In 2018, our 12 Marathons in 12 Months raised over £76,000, while two years earlier we ran 126 miles over two races within a week - the 2016 London Marathon and the Thames Path 100m ultra from Richmond to Oxford. We ran the inaugural 65km Great Strides Ultra Marathon, and have run it twice since in 2018 and 2019.


The 100km 'Race to the Stones' in 2014 was the Putney Gumps' first Ultra. Johnnie organised a challenge that involved a team of heroic runners and cyclists covering360 miles in 36 hours in a relay from Portland Bill to Teddington, the home of the DSA, and before that a 50 mile Dragon Boat marathon down the Thames (as you may have gathered, our favourite river!). Last year, we set ourselves the target of breaking the 4 hour marathon mark, and completed the Virtual London Marathon in a time of 3 hours 43 minutes... through your kind donations we raised a further £10,805 for our good causes.