Friends and Family Run

19th May 2018 at 10am

We would love you to join us for either a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon or even the full 26.2m.  

The Routes - See maps here

The meet point is Sheen Gate Car Park.   


The 5k course will consist of a loop starting at Sheen Gate, following the path to Richmond Gate, turning left onto Sawyer's Hill, left at Sheen Cross and back to Sheen Gate.   


The 10k course will be this loop twice. 


The Half Marathon will then add a complete circuit of the Park, which happily brings you back to Sheen Gate at 21k or 13.2m.   


The full Marathon will then take a route out from Sheen Gate to Roehampton Gate, and out of the park, down Priory Lane and Vine Road, through Vine Park to the river at Barnes Bridge.   Then it's a run along the river to Ham House, back via Petersham into Richmond Park, with a climb up to Pembroke House, then along the path around the edge of the Park to Sheen Gate which makes a total of 42k or 26.2m.

You are welcome to walk, or run any of the distances at your own pace. 

JW and AC usually hit a consistent 10 minute mile and if you'd like to join us at that pace, please do....but also go quicker or slower as you'd like.

We would like to start at 10am sharpish....we can't start earlier or we are likely to collide with the Park Run coming in the other direction!   

We suggest you get to Sheen Gate by 9.30am please....

Important Stuff

We will have lots of water at Sheen Car Park.   Other than that, however, it is up to you to bring anything else you might want or need for the run - sports drinks, jelly babies or chocolate etc.   We hope that the event is a fun way to bring friends, colleagues and family together to raise lots more money for four fantastic charities....but it's your responsibility to look after yourself, and that you are in good shape for whichever of the challenges you pick...


The idea of 19th May is to raise lots more money....and therefore we ask that if you are taking part, you reach out to your own circle of friends and family to sponsor you for your challenge.   We don't ask you to raise any minimum or a specific amount.   We would like anyone who is sponsoring you to donate at our Virgin Money Giving site BUT PLEASE ASK THEM TO NAMECHECK YOU IN THE COMMENTS so we know that your efforts have raised money for us.   Your sponsors donating through the site is more efficient than you collecting money as it means gift aid can generally be added, if applicable.


We will have snazzy T-shirts for everyone who takes part.   Please let us know whether you would like S, M, L or XL (or whatever!).   NB the cost of the T-shirts is NOT coming from funds raised / is a thank you from us for taking part, and for all the support, donations and sponsorship.


You don't need to run or walk can come along and support anyone you know taking part.   The routes are fairly self explanatory so we are not planning on needing anyone on the course pointing the right way...but I know that people cheering runners on at Sheen Gate or anywhere else on the route lifts the come along!

So.....Tell us what you plan to do

We need to know how many of you there will be, and what you plan to do.   

Please therefore click on the links below to let us know what you'd like to do.   The link will generate an email.   Please give us your details, T-shirt size, and if there is a group of you how many you will be....

I'd like to join you for the 5k

I'd like to join you for the 10k

I'd like to join you for the Half Marathon

I'd like to join you for the Full Marathon

I'd like to come and support everyone!

Look forward to seeing you on 19th May 2018.