In 2020, the Putney Gumps are running the London Marathon.   As many of you may know, we have in the past run lots of marathons and a few ultras, so accept that this is not of itself a good reason for you to put your hand in your pockets - however worthy the two great causes are.   However, whilst Johnnie and Adam are able to plod through long distances, we have never been particularly quick.   Therefore, the challenge this year to get us training hard and - hopefully - to persuade you it is worth supporting - is to run the marathon in under 4 hours.   Whilst this is TWICE as slow as the fastest marathon ever run, we will be doing so without a phalanx of elite runners draughting us, nor with cyclists providing liquid refreshments....  It is, however, a time which around 70% of marathon runners never achieve and and - believe us - is alot quicker than we have run a marathon before.   

We encourage you, if you'd like, to make some of any sponsorship contingent on achieving or beating 4 hours;  and we will be setting ourselves the financial penalty of £50 to the charities from the Putney Gumps for each minute over 4 hours.....

 2020 by PUTNEY GUMPS                                                  For Questions /  Contact us at info@putneygumps.co.uk

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