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 2018 by PUTNEY GUMPS                                                  For Questions /  Contact us at info@putneygumps.co.uk

As many of you know, we have set ourselves a few targets over the last few years, with ever increasing distances. At some point, that had to stop.... So, after the 2016 126 mile challenge, and the inaugural Great Strides 65 Ultramarathon in 2017, we have decided to challenge ourselves to completing a marathon each month for a year. In some ways, it may not be as tough as cramming 126 miles into two runs; in others we think that the need to stay focussed on achieving this through the year, whatever else is happening, will be harder.  Many of the marathons will be unofficial (although always tracked to ensure compliance!): the idea is that some of you might like to join us both on some of the runs, and, if you can, raise more money on the way for these great causes! Click here for more on that!


The challenge is also to raise £25,000 for these great charities, each of which is close to our hearts.